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Toledo & The Glass Industry Today

Toledo has earned the title of The Glass City through its long history of innovation in all aspects of the glass industry. Not only is glass a transformative material, it has had a transformative impact on the region. Home to glass manufacturers across many applications, today the Toledo is the epicenter of the glass industry.

First Solar Manufacturing Facility

First Solar

First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive PV solar solutions which use its advanced module and system technology. In 2021, First Solar broke ground on new $680m, 3.3 GW manufacturing facility. The facility is forecast to create over 700 permanent jobs in addition to the over 1,600 people that First Solar currently employs in Ohio. Founded in 1999, First Solar has had a manufacturing presence in the state since it began commercial production at its original Perrysburg factory in 2002, when it produced 1.5 megawatts (MW)DC of modules and employed 150 people. Since then the company has invested over $2 billion in expanding its Ohio manufacturing presence, making the state home to the largest photovoltaic solar manufacturing footprint in the Western Hemisphere when it commissioned its second factory in 2019. For more information, visit


Libbey Headquarters


If you’ve ever sipped from a glass, odds are you’ve had your lips on Libbey. Libbey ranks as the top glassware manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world.

Libbey hails originally from East Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the New England Glass Company which was founded in 1818. In 1888, Edward Drummond Libbey, son of the first corporate owner, William, moved the company to Toledo, Ohio. The Northwest Ohio area offered abundant natural gas resources and access to large deposits of high quality sand. Toledo also had a network of railroad and steamship lines, making it an ideal location for the company. In 1892, the name was changed to The Libbey Glass Company. Libbey and Toledo were a match made in heaven and thus the glass city was born. The rest, as they say, is history. For more information, visit


NSG Pilkington Float Glass

NSG Group

The company history in North America started in Ohio with the inventiveness of three men: Edward Drummond Libbey, Michael Joseph Owens and Edward Ford who had separate, sizable companies, all manufacturing glass products. In 1930, the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company and the Libbey Owens Sheet Glass Company merged to form the Libbey-Owens-Ford Company (LOF). Over the years, three other major glass companies would become entwined: LOF, Pilkington and Nippon Sheet Glass (now known as the NSG Group). Today, the NSG Group is the worlds leading supplier of glass and glazing systems in the business areas of Architectural, Automotive, and Creative Technologies. For more information, visit and



Owens Corning Headquarters

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a global building and construction materials leader committed to building a sustainable future through material innovation. OC's three integrated businesses – Composites, Insulation, and Roofing – provide durable, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that leverage their unique material science, manufacturing, and market knowledge to help our customers win and grow. Owens Corning is global in scope, human in scale with approximately 20,000 employees in 33 countries dedicated to generating value for their customers and shareholders, and making a difference in the communities where we work and live. Founded in 1938 and based in Toledo, Ohio, USA, Owens Corning posted 2021 sales of $8.5 billion. For more information, visit


Owens Illinois World Headquarters

Owens Illinois (O-I)

Michael Owens changed the way glass has been produced over the last 5,000 years with his miracle machine. Since then, O-I has been continually transforming itself, transforming its environment. From licensing machines to producing bottles, from manual to automated inspection technologies – O-I automated every production process, bringing the sustainable power of glass into everyday use.

That same spirit of innovation in glassmaking lives on today, as our more than 25,000 employees work with customers and partners to define the future of glass. With more than 1,800 active patents on proprietary technology, O-I remains dedicated to the qualities that endeared Mr. Owens to glass in the first place: its beauty, versatility, and endless sustainability.

“While we believe glass packaging is already the most sustainable packaging solution, sustainability at O-I is about more than what we make. It is also about how we make it. It is about the interconnected ecosystem that involves our suppliers, our customers, our people, and the communities where we operate. It is about achieving balance between our operations and the products we make with the current and future needs of our communities, the planet, and our collective prosperity. At O-I, the journey to this balance— sustainability—is grounded in resilience, innovation, and the ever-present challenge to transform what we do.” - CEO, Andres Lopez  
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