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Central District

The Central District is the heart of Toledo’s downtown business community that dazzles visitors with historic buildings of architectural significance. Because of the renaissance our downtown is experiencing, many older buildings in disrepair are being given a second chance at life by investors. You will find coffee shops, restaurants and living spaces popping up throughout the area.

The Pythian Castle is a prime example of this ongoing renovation; when you reach the corners of Jefferson and Huron, look up and at the majestic Romanesque-style building with its towering Gothic turrets jutting 185 feet into the downtown skyline.

We welcome you to explore and admire the work taking place in our Central District.


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CVB Member
  • ConnecToledo, Downtown Development Corporation 419-249-5494
  • Focaccia's Deli 419-246-3354
  • Focaccia's Market 419-242-4141
  • Georgio's Cafe International 419-242-2424
  • Huntington National Bank 419-249-3300
  • Imagination Station 419-244-2674
  • The Swamp Shop at Huntington Center 800-736-9520
  • The Toledo Blade 419-724-6000
  • Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce 419-243-8191
  • Toledo Repertoire Theatre 419-243-9277
  • Valentine Theatre 419-242-3490
  • WUPW - FOX 36 419-248-1111

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