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Glass City Regatta

Glass City Regatta

Toledo Rowing Foundation
8 Main Street
Toledo, OH

Saturday, September 23, 2023 | 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Toledo Rowing Foundation is excited to present the Glass City Regatta, reviving the event from 2019, when thousands of fans lined the shores of the Maumee to cheer on hundreds of athletes taking part in the regatta.

There will be a full day of racing on the Mighty Maumee. Stop on the waters edge and check out the sport of Rowing.

The Boathouse that Philip LeBoutillier, Jr. and friends built is the home of Perrysburg HS, St. John’s Jesuit, St. Francis, Notre Dame, St. Ursula, Anthony Wayne, Central Catholic, Bowling Green State University, and Toledo Rowing Club

International Park is the location of the Boathouse and the Maumee river is where these teams learn, train, and grow. Toledo local teams compete in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states.

As a full body fitness sport, rowing provides complete physical and mental conditioning all in one activity. Getting out on the water eases stress, promotes mental strength and mental health. Rowing with others promotes precision teamwork at an impressive level. People of all ages, sizes, and physical limitations can learn to row.

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