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What's Brewing in Toledo

We take our coffee very seriously here in the Glass City and invite you to explore our delightful selection of locally owned coffee shops.

A classic cappuccino. A cold nitro. A soothing latte. Whatever choice of liquid energy you prefer, you’ll be savoring every last drop at these Toledo area locally owned coffee shops. 


BREW Coffee Bar

With a relaxed atmosphere and a central location near the University of Toledo, BREW Coffee Bar is the perfect stop to fight that annoying mid-day slump or to enjoy your favorite after dinner coffee beverage with dessert. Stemming from her love of everything coffee, local entrepreneur, Jennifer Erd, started her bustling coffee house with the help of her husband, Joe. (Jen even named one of her cats Macchiato!) They have grown quite a following due to high quality coffee, excellent service and all the little touches that make BREW so special.

Sourcing their coffee beans from Zingerman’s Coffee out of Ann Arbor was a no-brainer for BREW. Zingerman’s roasts small batches of coffee beans often and cups them continually to ensure they’re getting the best flavor possible. They pride themselves on close relationships with their coffee farmers as well as the ethical means by which they purchase their products. And their cold brew is unlike any other in the region due to their perfected preparation.

Selecting a coffee drink will be an adventure once you’ve laid your eyes on the intriguing menu options. Will your brewing method be a traditional pour over, Chemex or French press? Among the traditional espressos, lattes and cappuccino’s, you’ll find fortissimo (cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso), breve (cappuccino with half and half) and café con miel (honeyed latte with warm cinnamon). Other selections include cold and frozen coffee drinks, hot cocoa made with steamed milk and real whipped cream along with Rishi organic teas in a delicious array of flavors.

Nothing pairs better with coffee or tea than a tasty selection of pastries. And these are no ordinary pastries! BREW serves up only the best baked goods from locally owned bakeries who use the freshest and best ingredients available, all delivered fresh daily. All pastries and bakery items are preservative free, so eat up and take comfort in knowing you’re getting the best quality around.

Make sure to check out Open Mic Night on Wednesday’s and keep up to date on all the latest events and happenings on Facebook. Proudly proclaiming, “where good things come together…”, BREW coffee bar is committed to offering the best coffee, tea, and pastries around. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., you will want to add this gem to your “must visit” list while in Toledo.

Plate One

Plate One’s local owners brought their vision of what a coffee house should be to downtown Toledo in 2018. In just one year, they have achieved a loyal following by stepping outside the “grab a cup and go” attitude and creating a sanctuary where patrons can linger and enjoy their favorite coffee creation by day, and an amazing craft cocktail concoction by night. 

The family’s research in Europe helped her uncover the trend of serving up spirits in coffee shops that is now hitting the United States. You will find a variety of craft beer and wine along with creative (and tasty) hand-crafted cocktails like the Vodka Nutellina made with Third Coast espresso, Tito's vodka, Nutella, and steamed milk. A perfect way locals unwind after a long day at the office. And ask your barista about the live weekly musical line-up.

The baristas take pride – and add their own artistic flair – to every coffee drink they serve up and use only the finest ingredients from Madcap Coffee, one of the top roasters in the country. Their offerings include espresso, coffee drinks and whole leaf teas. For guests wanting a refreshing change of pace, try the nitro cold coffee or a fruit smoothie.

You’ll find a nice selection of food items on the menu as well. For breakfast, try their delicious Breakfast Wrap, a simple but tasty choice with scrambled eggs, havarti cheese, red pepper, and spinach grilled on a flour tortilla. For lunch, you can’t miss with the Chicken Pesto Panini or the Edamame Kale Salad topped with olive oil red wine vinaigrette.

Chocolate lovers will be over the moon for the hot chocolate and mochas available at Plate One. That’s because they use chocolate from Guittard out of San Francisco. If you’re not familiar with the name, read up on their history and reputation. Guittard, a fifth-generation family run company, celebrated 150 years in 2018 because they have perfected the stuff!

Plate One is the second location for the Spang family, who has owned the successful Plate 21 on Rugby Drive in south Toledo since 2009. It, too, serves up the same coffees and teas, breakfast and lunch options, but minus the spirits. Check out either location on your next visit to Toledo.


Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters

What began in 2010 as a family of home roasters with a passion for coffee, Maddie & Bella has grown to two locations; their first shop in Perrysburg, and the second location in the trendy St. Clair Village in downtown Toledo’s Warehouse District. 

Borrowing their namesake from their beloved dogs, Maddie & Bella, the family’s journey into the coffee business led them to discover that not all coffee beans are created equally and that a majority of the coffee consumed by Americans comes from beans that are stale, over-roasted, or just plain low quality. And that’s when the family decided to bravely taste-test different beans to learn the business from ground up and find the perfect bean. And find it, they have!

Today at Maddie & Bella, you can taste-taste drip brew versus manual brew and decide for yourself which method tickles your fancy. Or how about cold brew versus “black walnut” cold brew? Of course, you can order the classic espresso, Americano, or macchiato, but you may find yourself compelled to order originals like the Downtown Latte, or how about the Mocha with Ancho Chile?

Part of what sets Maddie & Bella apart is their commitment to the growers and coffee bean producers that they import from throughout the world. Which is why they are registered to carry and offer certified fair-trade coffee. The vast majority of their beans come directly from farmers who have adequate working conditions and have been fairly compensated in the marketplace for the beans that they harvest.

Join them for lunch, browse the coffee selection, try something new or find a micro-batch of your old favorite. And above all else, happy brewing!


The Flying Joe

Independently owned and operated by a pair of pilots in the United States Air Force, the creation of The Flying Joe, located in Perrysburg, was a labor of love. Crafting the area’s best coffee is their mission by offering a diverse range of single origin coffees and espresso in a cozy space lined with comfortable spots to relax or connect with friends.

Let’s talk menu! Select an expertly brewed classic cortado, cappuccino or the non-traditional favorite, honey and cinnamon latte. You’ll find surprising seasonal selections like the Rose + Lavender Tea-zer, Cardamom Rose Latte or a Honey and Lavender Latte. Expertly trained baristas use brew methods that highlight certain flavor, body and texture in any given coffee and are knowledgeable about which brew method will best suit your flavor profile of choice.

Cocktails anyone? The Flying Joe has embraced the trend of serving up a nice variety of seasonal beer, wine and hand-crafted cocktails. Try their Bloody Mary made with Tito’s hand-made vodka, an Irish Coffee with Jameson’s whiskey topped with whipped cream or the house special “Aviation”, made with Aviation gin, crème de Violette and maraschino liqueur. Don’t forget to ask about the seasonal cocktail list.

Of course, they’re not going to let you go hungry at The Flying Joe. All bagels plus the croissant pretzel bread come from local Toledo purveyors, All Crumbs Artisan Bakery. A customer favorite, Avocado Toast, features Dave’s Killer Bread, hummus, avocado, lime juice, cumin with Maldon salt flakes. Scratch-baked pastries and treats are available daily, including gluten free & vegan options.

The Flying Joe also makes an active effort to support local artists and musicians. Check out the events board or social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @theflyingjoe) for open mic night or band performances. And make sure to stop by on “Flying Joe Friday”, snap a shot of your latte or drink, tag it with #fjf on social media and you’ll receive a dollar off your next drink!

Whether you’re craving the undeniable scent of fresh-roasted coffee beans, a warm, cozy retreat, or tasty treats fresh from the oven, Toledo’s vast selection of locally owned coffee houses will keep you be coming back for more. We've mentioned a few here but there's many more worth a visit, stayed tuned for Part II for a taste of some more great local coffee shops!