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Destination Toledo Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Turning words into action when it comes to diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

Destination Toledo continues to stand by our words condemning the racism, inequality and injustice that has taken place in every community across our country. It is our responsibility as an organization that represents the Toledo area and invites visitors to our city; to not only speak out against racism, inequity and injustice but to turn our words into action. We recognize that we needed to create initiatives for our organization that focus on diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in each facet of what we do. Furthermore, it is our duty to communicate our plan to help ensure that all residents and visitors feel safe, supported, represented and welcomed in Toledo.

Destination Toledo is committed to the following objectives:

Group Sales
- The creation of a new sales segment that focuses specifically on diversity, inclusivity and accessibility when attracting and assisting groups to host meetings and events in the Toledo area.

- Prioritize a more diverse and inclusive representation of visitors, businesses and members of our community that are included in marketing materials and social media, including photos, website content, Visitors Guide and all other outlets.
- Social media channels will have better representation of diverse people, cultures and abilities through photos, videos, influencer collaborations, social media page takeovers and more.

- Work within the community to create industry networking opportunities for Destination Toledo Partners with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion of topics, speakers and businesses representing all races, cultures, and abilities in the Toledo area.

Internal Practices
- Improve our recruitment practices to attract, develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive team at every level.
- Utilize professional development resources to educate staff on topics related to cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion.