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Haunted History Tour

PRINTABLE PDF Looking for an adventure that is otherworldly? Explore the darker side of Toledo during a visit to one of our spooky sites.
*Please note that some sites are open seasonally.

10:00 a.m. Collingwood Arts Center, 2413 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo
Registered as a historical site, this imposing structure is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles. There is a long history of orbs being seen and photographed throughout the facility.  Call for hours and tour information.
Visitation Time: 1 hour
Contact: 419-244-2787,

11:30 a.m. The Café at The Oliver House, 27 Broadway St., Toledo
Have lunch at this 1800s grand hotel converted into restaurants and events venue in 1995. The Oliver House served as a medical center for the wounded during the Spanish-American War and this historic building has a haunted reputation. Numerous apparitions have appeared to guests and diners over the years. Paranormal investigations and strange sightings are common.
Group Tour Tip: Ask about the haunting by “The Captain.” He is said to show up most frequently dressed in full uniform.
Visitation Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Contact: 419-243-1302,

1:30 p.m. Wolcott Heritage Center & Grounds, 1035 River Rd., Maumee, OH
Built by James Wolcott and his wife, Mary Wells, the Wolcott House began as a log house and evolved into a beautiful 14-room Federal-style mansion between the years 1827 and 1836.
Today, it is home to some playful spirits who move objects and open doors. Witnesses also have heard unexplained footsteps and whispers.
Visitation Time: 1 hour
Contact: 419-893-9602,

3:00 p.m. Fort Meigs: Ohio’s War of 1812 Battlefield, 29100 W. River Rd., Perrysburg Built in 1813 to defend Ohio during the War of 1812, Fort Meigs successfully withstood two sieges by a combined British, Canadian, and Native American force. Fort Meigs is a popular historic destination, but it’s also reported to be home to restless spirits that still walk the grounds late at night.  Chris Woodyard, author of the Haunted Ohio series, wrote about her personal experience at Fort Meigs in her book, Haunted Ohio V.
Visitation Time: 1 hour
Contact: 419-874-4121,

4:30 p.m. Wood County Historical Center & Museum, 13660 County Rd. Home, Bowling Green
The Wood County Infirmary, also known as the Wood County Home, was the home to poor, mentally-ill, physically disabled and anyone in need of public assistance who were residents of Wood County. Chris Woodyard's Haunted Ohio series features the Museum in Ghost Hunters Guide to Haunted Ohio. Take a self-guided adult tour of the original Wood County Poor Farm (Infirmary) including the Paupers' Cemetery, Lunatic Asylum, Pestilence House, and Ice House.
Group Tour Tip: Ask to see the three human fingers in a jar on display and the gruesome story behind it.
Visitation Time: 1 hour
Contact: 419-352-0967,

6:00 p.m. J Patrick’s Restaurant & Pub, 10630 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Complete soup and salad bar, appetizers, chicken, beef, seafood entrées, pasta dishes and sandwiches. Full bar available.
Visitation Time: 1 hour
Contact: 419-874-3111,