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Authors! Jack Carr

Authors! Jack Carr

Toledo Lucas County Library

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | 7 p.m.

Join in from the comfort of your home as Toledo Lucas County Library talks with Jack Carr about his latest book, The Devil's Hand.

About the book: It’s been twenty years since 9/11. Two decades since the United States was attacked on home soil and embarked on twenty years of war. The enemy has been patient, learning, and adapting. And the enemy is ready to strike again. A new president offers hope to a country weary of conflict. He’s a young, popular, self-made visionary...but he’s also a man with a secret.

Halfway across the globe a regional superpower struggles with sanctions imposed by the Great Satan and her European allies, a country whose ancient religion spawned a group of ruthless assassins. Faced with internal dissent and extrajudicial targeted killings by the United States and Israel, the Supreme Leader puts a plan in motion to defeat the most powerful nation on earth.

Meanwhile, in a classified facility five stories underground, a young PhD student has gained access to a level of bioweapons known only to a select number of officials. A second-generation agent, he has been assigned a mission that will bring his adopted homeland to its knees.

About the author: Jack Carr is a New York Times bestselling author and former Navy SEAL. He is the author of The Terminal List, True Believer, and Savage Son.

About the Presentation: The author will join us for an online discussion. There will be time at the end of the event for Q&A submitted through the chat option of Zoom. Two Ways to Participate: Join us FREE on the Library’s Facebook page, OR Purchase a copy of the book for $21.00 plus fees, to be picked up at your local branch (after the publication release date) and watch through a secure Zoom link.

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